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It is the time of year when from late afternoon to dark Sea Bass (Lubina) are found close to in near the beach feeding. Try spinning with a lure, good fun with light tackle. Arm yourself with a spinning rod, I use the excellent Grauvell Jade 390 telescopic together with a Syntesis ZX 1500 8 bearing reel. The outfit needs to be light and well balanced as you will be casting non stop and unless you’re built like Arnie Shwarzaneeger your arm will feel as though it is going to drop off after half an hour. A light combo like this will also double up as a good English method float outfit. The Syntesis ZX 1500 reel is designed especially for spinning and is a pleasure to use, featuring a graphite body together with a counter tapered aluminium spool with holes and titanium lip. It has a balanced rotor, micro adjustable front drag, high-speed rotor and titanium coated anti twist line roller together with a spare spool. The spools are capable of holding 170 metres of 6 lb line. This may all sound like sales mumbo jumbo but fishing is like any other sport, unless you have the right equipment that you are comfortable with, and then it will not be pleasurable.
I use a Bubble float when the waters are calm; this is a transparent plastic ball with two rubber plugs on either side of the top. Pull both plugs out and fill with water, push the plugs back in and you should have enough weight to take your lure out to sea and be able to see the float as you retrieve. There are weighted floats for spinning use but experience will guide you as to the type that is best suited to the conditions you are fishing in. Tie a swivel with clip to the end of your main line. I use 0.20 mm 4.1 kg 9 lb coloured main line so I can see where the line is, after casting. Fasten the Bubble float to the clip and then tie approximately 1.20 metres of 0.20mm transparent line to the float and the other end to your chosen lure. My favourite non-weighted lure is the rubber baby sand eel, yellow with a red flash to mimic an injury. Cast out with a gentle lobbing motion to avoid tangles. If you cast too strongly the Bubble will travel ahead of the lure causing tangles. Retrieve the first cast quickly to alert any fish around that there is something in the water. From where you are standing cast out in a radial pattern to cover a greater area, moving along the beach and working other sections. It does not seem to matter if you retrieve fast or slow if the fish are around and want the lure they will go for it. I have spent many hours spinning from the beach and every catch has been taken at a different retrieval speed.
The other major part of spinning is the fact that you do not need to take lots of tackle with you. A shoulder bag with a few spare swivels, spare line or spool, scissors, small cloth, spare lures and a disgorger should be all you need with you so you are totally mobile and should be able to cover a considerable stretch of coastline in a few hours. If you are spinning in deeper waters you may want to use a weighted lure such as the 3-gram Minnow, still utilising the Bubble float but the lure is moving under the water and with the deflector at the front will cause it to wiggle as it displaces water again mimicking an injured fish, easy prey for the predators. The larger, heavier lures have treble hooks attached to the bottom and rear. These are prone to rusting in between fishing trips - new ones can be fitted in seconds as they are on a key ring type attachment ring. Watch your fingers when carrying out this operation, as it is very easy to hook yourself!
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