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Whilst walking along the coastline I am sure you will have seen the local fishermen and fisherwomen using lumps of bread as bait. I have been asked many times how this is done and once again it is easy when you know how.
First of all you need a Bread Rig. This is a loop of line with a Slipknot and usually 10 hooks attached. These can be purchased at most tackle shops for around 1.50 euros or you can always make your own. Cut a 1.20 metre length of 0.40 line, Form a loop using a Blood Bight Knot in one end of the line, this will attach to the Bubble Float or Tube Weight. Next thread ten size 10 or 12 barbed hooks on the line, 5 pointing one way and 5 the other. Make a loop with the hooks inside and tie a Slipknot back to the line, so the loop will tighten when pulled. If the water is calm use a Bubble Float filled with water. The bread will float on the surface and attract the small fish to feed - if the water is slightly rougher use a weighted round float. Another method is to use a Tube Weight on a Running Leger so the bread can move around in the water utilising the slack line running through the weight. Adjust the length of line to the depth of water you are fishing in. The bread needs to be around half depth of the water so it is bobbing around to attract fish.
Try and use stale bread sticks, three or four days old at least. Cut piece off approximately 3 centimetres wide, take a serrated blade knife and make a cut on opposing edges in the crust. Open the loop with the hooks on and put over the bread, spread the hooks equally around the bread and insert the line into the cuts you have made in the crust. Pull the loop tight and the line will dig into the crust, the hooks will be sunk into the bread. Cast out 10 to 20 metres and watch the small fish start frantically thrashing around the bread, this will attract bigger fish. Goldline (Salpa) are the most likely fish to be caught this way as they either go for the small fish all trying to get at the bread or just lunge at the bread straight off, either way getting hooked. To gauge if fish are around, when you arrive at you’re chosen spot to fish, roll a ball of bread in your hands and throw it ten metres out, the water should start bubbling with small fish after a few seconds. If there is not much activity around the bread move on a hundred metres and try again.
All you need tackle wise for this method of fishing is a good all round light telescopic with fixed spool reel, the Grauvell MG Telesurf 390 Carbon and the Kronos XL 50 reel I recommended in issue 275 would be an ideal choice.
Fishing with Bread Bait is good fun as there is usually plenty of activity, my friend Peter tried this method last Friday at Bolnuevo over rock and weed in only one metre of water and came away with 1.450 Kilos of Salpa in a couple of hours!
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