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Spain Shore Fishing.
Sardines are plentiful here and when fishing in deeper water can make an excellent bait to attract larger fish. I use a Sardine Rig which consists of three size 1/0 single hooks attached to three separate short lengths of 0.50 line. These are then all tied together and one length of line around 40 centimetres long with a loop at the end attaches to a swivel at the weight.
You will also need a thick baiting needle with a clip at one end to attach the loop in the line to. So take a Sardine, cut it in half, you can use either half of the fish. Take the baiting needle and spring the clip open, attach the loop in the line to the clip so it is secure. Thread the baiting needle through the Sardine from the cut end whichever part you're using, either the head or the tail. Continue to pull the needle through the section of fish until the line is through and the hooks are at the cut end. Position the hooks around the edge of the body of the fish and pull tight so the hooks are secure.
Release the loop at the end of the rig from the clip on the baiting needle and attach to the main line. You maybe using a tube weight on a running ledger or a 120 gram weight to sit on the bottom, whichever method you use it is maybe best to use some baiting elastic to secure the bait securely to the line.
Try and cast out as far as possible, the juices and blood from the Sardine will hopefully spread over a large area and fish will be attracted. Back off the clutch on the reel in case a large fish grabs the bait and takes off at speed then the spool will revolve letting line off instead of it breaking.
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