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Amongst the many questions I am asked on a regular basis are why does no one here use multiplier reels and why so many telescopic rods. First of all it is important to understand that the Mediterranean Sea is very different to the North Sea or Atlantic as it is not affected by any major tidal influence so it is, for ninety percent of the time, totally clear and calm. This means the methods used to catch fish here are totally different to Britain or indeed most other places in the World. The fish present here feed at certain times and in certain places so it is important to learn these facts. Some of the biggest catches from the shore are hooked within metres from the shore because there is a vast food source washed back from the shelf at the beach. This is why telescopic rods have a big part to play in shore fishing, for instance I used a telescopic rod last month in a competition to catch Lubina (Sea Bass) close in to the shoreline. When I say close in I am talking about one metre, because just before dusk, this is where they feed. After all what is the point of having a distance surfcasting rod worth a thousand euros to cast this far? Distance is not everything here, knowledge of the seabed terrain and the fish is and unless you learn these facts it is unlikely you will catch fish in any great numbers. Telescopic rods, especially those produced by Spanish manufacturers, are very good and do have a very big part to play here. The good quality telescopics are expensive, as are the best three piece surfcasters, because the design has been improved over many years as technology and knowledge have gained pace. As I have said before, this column was primarily aimed at newcomers and it would be unfair of me to recommend they go and spend four hundred to a thousand euros on the best rods to start with when the quality, and this is not meant to be patronising to anyone, would not be appreciated or used to the full.

The fixed spool reel is preferred over multiplier reels for many reasons; this again goes back to the Mediterranean Sea being very different. Firstly the feeding habits of the fish present does not always require us to cast over to the edge of the Moroccan coast to catch. This is very similar to a large lake and this should be kept in mind when fishing. It is very important to constantly change distance and line thickness as time and conditions change. This is easily done by changing spools over.

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