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Spain Shore Fishing
Following on from last weeks article regarding the use of fixed spool reels rather than multipliers. I may want to fish at thirty metres with a little thicker line and no shock leader for Dorada or near weed beds for Corvina. If this is not working then I will try seventy metres with thin line and shock leader for Magret as this is where I know they feed at a certain time of day. This again would be difficult as changing the spool on a multiplier, is as you probably realize, impossible. So you would have to carry several reels with you all made up with the correct line for the conditions. This is possible but I find it easier to carry ten spare spools that can be brought into play utilizing only two reels in a couple of minutes. This is also good for line breakage situations. So use thin transparent line, very light terminal rigs and constantly changing your casting distances whether it be close or long and you get the idea. If the fish can clearly see all your line and terminal tackle then you will not catch fish it is as simple as that. To further explain this point, the thickness of line required on multiplier reels is thicker than what would normally be used on a fixed spool for distance casting. We use 0.12 mm thick line together with a tapered shock leader on competition spools for distance. To operate a multiplier successfully on this thickness line would be I suggest near impossible.

I have tested Grauvells excellent HM Surf Multiplier two piece rod together with a ABU Garcia 6500 CT, but as I was casting to the same places as I do with my TC Surf three piece and Shimano Ultegra XT 1000 fixed spool reel it made hard work of the job. The multiplier needed four times more turns of the handle to retrieve the line as the Ultegra fixed spool which retrieves at one metre of line per revolution, this is an important factor when casting out every ten to fifteen minutes. This is something I now accept and having spoken to several Regional and Spanish Champions whilst fishing alongside them in competitions I realize why they all use fixed spool reels. Spanish fishing shops will order multipliers and several do carry a few in stock, but as they are not commonly used here it is not sound business sense to fill the shelves with something that they will never sell. Do not be under any illusion the Spanish fishermen or manufacturers do not know about multipliers as boat fishing here is big business and they manufacture and use very good multipliers. The rods made here are for a specific purpose and are of very high quality and lighter tackle is catching on all over the world. Indeed reading English magazines such as Sea Angler and Total Sea Fishing this very equipment is being tested and recommended in nearly every issue I pick up as lighter tackle is coming to the fore. I hope this has explained some why and wherefores about the use of certain items of equipment here in the Mediterranean help you have some fun fishing here in this wonderful part of Spain where we are lucky enough to live.

One of the finest high carbon / titanium mix telescopic rods available with a working action of 150 – 300 grams or 5 5/16 -10 5/8 ounce at around 400 Euros.
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