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After trying various different baits I have found that the most successful to use here is the worm - in Spanish ‘Lombriz’. There are several different varieties available from tackle shops. Unless you are fishing for a specific species or in competition the three most popular worms to attract a variety of different fish are the Coreano, Americana and Titas.

The Coreano is similar to a small rag worm and has two black prongs at the head end that can nip you - so be careful. Kept in a fridge these will last up to a week and are by far the cheapest worm available. A reasonable length of time to leave these on the hook in the sea is around forty minutes in normal seas. To load the worm onto the hook use a hollow baiting needle. Try and keep the baiting needle immersed in water whilst you are fishing to keep it wet and clean. Grasp the worm just below the thickest end, the head end and load onto the needle. Offer the needle to the hook point and tension the line with your fingers then slide the worm over the hook leaving the tip of the hook slightly exposed.

The Americana worm is fatter and full of blood, which attracts fish from a considerable distance. These worms are more expensive but when fish are scarce this worm usually brings a result. It does not last as long in the water as it becomes washed out sooner, I would say that beyond thirty minutes the Americana will have lost its attraction factor, that is not to say it will not still be taken by a passing fish, it is just that the scent has probably been lost by this time. To load the Americana worm onto the hook squeeze the worm gently at the thicker end and the head will pop out then load as the Coreano using your baiting needle. Again be careful as the head has four black prongs, which can nip you. These worms should also last around a week if kept refrigerated.
The Titas worm is much bigger and full of water and iodine; this is generally used to attract larger fish and mainly used on a running leger rig so it can float around with the movement of the sea. This presentation of the worm looks very natural to the fish. Load the Titas in the same way as the Coreano and the Americana, it has no prongs to bite you. It will last a considerable amount of time in the water, up to forty-five minutes before becoming washed out. Titas can be kept refrigerated for up to five days.
To save you from a what could end up as a life threatening experience i.e. divorce or worse, when I say the worms can be kept in the fridge I obviously do not mean a refrigerator that is used to keep food fit for human consumption, yes that’s right, not the one in the kitchen!
If you do not have a separate refrigerator available try a cool box or cool bag with several ice blocks in it kept in a cool place.
Whilst on the subject of cool boxes, remember to take any bait, not just worms on your fishing trip in a cool box with at least three ice blocks in it. Even on the coolest days the bait can be rendered unusable in less than an hour unless kept cool. I still use a cool box at night so as to preserve the bait in its best possible condition. As mentioned previously the better the bait is presented and the better the condition it is in means you have more chance of fish being attracted to it. That after all is why you are fishing in the first place. Do not lose sight of this fact, the preparation and presentation of bait is a major part of your quest to becoming a successful shore angler.
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