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One of the first knots to learn is the spool knot it is a simple knot and the best way to tie the line to the reel spool
© Gary Smith Fishing
© Gary Smith Fishing
The Blood Knot
The Blood Knot can be used for joining lines of the same diameter together.
1. Overlap the ends of two lines. Take one end and twist it four times around the other line. Take it back and pass it between the two lines.
2. Repeat with the other end, make sure the first stage does not unravel.
3. Lubricate the knot, pull tight and trim.
Spade End Whip
The Spade End Whip is for attaching line to hooks with no eye formed only a flared end to the shank
1. Double end of line along shank. Loop fee end around line and hook.
2. Perform six turns with free end and pass through doubled loop.
3. Lubricate and pull tight, trim. Be careful of the hook point when pulling tight!!!
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Half Blood Knot
The Half Blood Knot and Tucked Half Blood are especially good knots for connecting line to tackle.
1. Thread the free end of the line through the eye.
2. Bring the free end back and tuck it under the line.
3. Loop the free end over the line.
4. Loop over four or five times.
5. Bring the free end back and thread it between the first loop and the eye.
6. Wet the line and pull tight then trim.
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© Gary Smith Fishing
Tucked Half Blood Knot.
As Half Blood but after Step 5 bring line back through outer loop before tightening.
Every angler should learn how to tie knots. After all it does not matter how good your rod and reel are and how far you can cast when the big fish you have dreamed about catching takes the bait and a knot breaks it has all resulted in a waste of time and effort. A couple of simple tips for when you are tying knots firstly wet the line before tightening any knot – this reduces friction and avoids the risk of damage to the line. Trim off all loose ends as close to the knot as possible so they do not snag in rod rings or weed when out to sea.
The Spool Knot is essential when loading your spool with line.