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Palomar Knot
1. Double the end of the line and pass it through the eye.
2. Tie a single overhand knot in the doubled up line.
3. Pull the looped end over the swivel.
4. Lubricate, pull line tight and trim.
The Blood Bight
The Blood Bight is a good knot for forming a loop in the line.
1. Double the end of the line back against itself.
2. Turn the end doubled once around the line.
3. Pass the looped end back through the turn.
4. Wet the line and pull the knot tight then trim off the end.
Spain Shore Fishing.

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The selection of knots featured will cover most line to tackle connections you will need to start your fishing. Practice the knots as much as possible and always be careful if you are working with hooks. Needless to say hooks are very sharp and will penetrate your skin very easily……… and yes it is painful!
As mentioned earlier practice and master the knots as there is nothing more soul destroying when reeling a fish in when the line goes slack, then the tell tale kink is all that is at the end of the line where the knot pulled out.
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Following on from last time when we covered four basic but important knots, this time we will cover two more. Always remember to wet the line before tightening any knot. This reduces friction and avoids damage to the line. Trim off all loose ends as close to the knot as you can so they do not snag on rod rings or weed when in the sea.
The Palomar Knot is excellent for connecting swivels to line.