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Following on from last weeks article we are still at Embalse De Alfonso XIII, fishing with two rods, one at distance with a bolt rig fishing off the bottom, boilie bait, and one rod with a float and sweet corn again on the bottom. An hour into the session and I had not had a bite, still neither had the Spanish fishermen to my right, I ground baited with more sweet corn around my float. The wind had picked up a little and a ripple had started drifting my float across towards the reed beds. I reloaded the hook with two pieces of sweet corn and cast out so the rig would float into the baited area………….bingo! The float disappeared, rod tip bent, this is what it is all about. It was a little disappointing to retrieve only a young carp but it was a fish all the same. I know a lot of anglers only want to catch twenty kilogram plus specimens but going back to basics and using a simple float method brings back all the excitement of those childhood fishing trips. For anyone starting out in the sport of freshwater angling then try this first. Too many people starting out get dragged into the expensive modern day carp angling scenario from the outset and it is a shame as float fishing with one rod in the margins still catches fish. It teaches you watercraft and where the fish feed close around you. Many anglers sit on the bank with bait out at a hundred metres when the carp are under their rod tips feeding. Try walking up and down the side of the lake or river with hardly any equipment to carry. You are very mobile and able to quietly cast out right amongst feeding fish.
So I had caught a fish and gained a smile on my face, I then caught another, a small Mirror Carp. This was a day of learning for sure. The Spanish fishermen had not caught anything, they packed up waved goodbye and left. After a few more small examples I thought now that it may be better to experiment with different baits and tried floating bread crust on the top.

Over the next few hours I tried floating various baits on the surface using a small water filled bubble float and a metre hook length. Marshmallow, sweet corn, small boilies, bread but to no avail. This I had been told was the way to go but maybe it was just the time of day or conditions that were not right and placing the bait on the bottom was the way today.
A bleep from the bite alarm on my line out near the island made me jump and although just a nibble or line knock it was obvious that there was activity down there.
I brought the line in and changed the weight for a feeder packed with riggers mix to try and entice the surrounding fish, still keeping the tuitti fruiti boilies on the hair rig.

I cursed my self for not having a method feeder or PVA bags with me as it was obvious that a great deal of bait needed to be laid to attract the bigger fish. My catapulting skills are not legendary so I had to forsake a few metres when casting out so I could hit the target where my hook bait lay with some ground bait. Nothing came of this so I went back to float fishing off the bottom with sweet corn for the last hour which produced another small carp. It had been a very warm day but as seven o'clock came round the weather turned in seconds from light breeze and hot sun to a brisk breeze with darkening skies and the water whipped up to gentle waves. Another thing learnt to go prepared in the winter months with warmer clothes, bivvy and plenty of food and drink. So it was time to pack up and travel home, this had been a fantastic day out, I just wished it had been a three day affair as I had a feeling things would get better and better. Next time it will be a longer session and with what I have learnt the fish score will hopefully improve. This is a first class fishing venue. Take the other half and have a day out!!!
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