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Over the next hour a couple of knocks on the nearest rod was encouraging but the heat was now nearing forty degrees in the shade and I knew it was really the wrong time of day. I should have known that starting to relax and sit back a little in my chair instead of the crouched stance I had held before was a mistake. The rod out furthest shot forward pulling the rod pod over, I grabbed the butt and the baitrunner set. This is the rear clutch that allows free line to be taken until the reel handle is turned, the drag was then on the front clutch which I had set fairly slack so a fish could take line. This was screaming, until I realized that so much line had been taken that only thirty metres or so remained on the spool. The fight began and I had to steer the fish back towards me, playing it, letting it take line at times when another powerful run began but being forceful enough by having confidence in the my equipment to retrieve line back onto the spool. After several minutes of a tug and war episode I gained the upper hand. The fish was coming to me and despite several more runs a fifteen pound Carp was landed, I was breathless but very happy. The power in these fish is awesome and so different to handling a fish from a stocked water in the UK. He was laid on the unhooking mat, photographed, weighed and then returned for another day. Proper experienced anglers who come fishing with me have all said the same thing – every time they go fishing they learn something new. This time I had learnt that with the radio controlled Bait Boat taking the line so far out I had not thought that only a small amount would be left on the spool. Bigger spools that hold more line will be introduced for the next visit. This had been my first Extremadura fish and the one I will always remember no doubt. Over the next few days several more electrifying fishing incidents occurred and I was also at night whisked off like a newcomer to the fold to several local towns to meet the undoubted angling stars of the area, especially Sergio who upon my arrival at a bar, ran off at high speed home returning with video’s and pictures for me of his exploits from childhood to the present day, very impressive I can tell you.
The Black Bass fishing is something that is fascinating, very similar to the American scene and I already have a party coming out to sample this exciting form of fishing. I was presented with some “special” lures by Jaime as I left to try out on my next visit. The fly also is going to be very productive and again some top fly anglers are coming to try it out. Through these pages I will be able to relay the stories over the coming months and maybe encourage you to come along and land the personal best of your life. These waters and the Ebro are really something special and an anglers paradise probably providing the most exciting angling in Europe.
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