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I received an e-mail from Mark Tomlinson, pro golfer, back in September enquiring about his fourteen year old son coming over for a few days fishing in the October school holidays. I was not hesitant but just reserved as to how much interest a fourteen year old would have in intensive angling when the glittery twenty first century teenage attractions such as computer games, music, television and so on seem to take precedence over most things nowadays. Sat on a lakeside or riverbank for any period of time would surely bore the young man quickly I thought.

How wrong I was proved to be, James Tomlinson was not only a credit to his family but the teenage society as a whole. From the moment he arrived he wanted to know everything about angling here, the differences in the fish, the wildlife surrounding the venues, in fact it was a pleasure to have the young man’s company. Mark his father, on the other hand, knew nothing about fishing and had come along to spend some quality time with his son and hopefully learn what the attraction was. He has, with his wife, spent the last few years running James and his friends around to various angling venues back in the North West of England and listening to the excited tales of ones that got away and looking at picture after picture of the ones that didn’t!

After a discussion with James it only took us an hour or so on the first morning to get Mark involved and landing his first fish. The casting tuition did not go so well, Mark was used to swinging a golf club and it showed. Distance was no problem it was just where it ended up that was! His first attempt had the three of us looking left out over the water to see the weight splash but we should in fact of been looking on the bank to our right where the dull thud and pocket of dust rose next to a fellow anglers vehicle parked around a hundred yards away. As I explained to him it is all to do with practice but Mark was sensible enough to leave it until we had the Mediterranean in front of him and little chance of disaster occurring……thankfully.
James was enjoying the fight of the wild fish and the sun obviously. Only one day of poor weather spoiled the fun so I took them both off to visit the battery of guns near La Azhoia for a couple of hours, fascinating for young and old alike we all agreed.
The whole experience restored my faith in young people when we sometimes tar them all with the same brush so to speak. They are back in February for more and I look forward to it.

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