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Many of you maybe wonder what I do all week after writing this article. Well this is an account of last week. I finished a surfcasting competition at half past midnight on Sunday morning arriving home at two thirty. Up and about at seven to write the page and then put the finishing touches to some of my kayaks. The Old Fish Wife had gone off to the Airport to collect returning fishing guest James Tomlinson, together with his parents, Mark and Julie. James, now fifteen, was back for the school holidays eager to try the kayaks along with some coarse, shore, spinning and fly fishing. James is without doubt an example to his age group and I will always put myself out for him as he is polite, sensible and so eager to learn. It was going to be a hectic week and it started as soon as they arrived on Sunday lunchtime. James helped me finish off fitting some extras to the kayaks and excitedly discussed the week ahead. His parents were happy to relax in the pleasant sunshine while we loaded the car and kayak trailer with all the equipment we would require, mixing groundbait for the freshwater fishing, sorting fly boxes and spinning lures, checking lines and leaders. This all takes time but preparation is a very important part of angling in whatever form you choose.

Monday morning and we set off to obtain some neoprene boots for James to wear in the kayaks. Safety is of the paramount importance and I insisted that he wear this type of footwear. They maybe a little warm in the sunshine but when jumping out of the kayak into the surf not knowing what is beneath they were, in my opinion, necessary. The weather was good but the sea rough so we decided to go and do some spinning and surfcasting from the shore. A good long fishing session followed by an equally good meal to round the day off. Tuesday with calmer seas, we were out in the kayaks, James was really enjoying this as I was. A seven kilometre journey was recorded by GPS and we found a deep gulley holding many species and marked it for future use. Another early night followed by an early start off to Embalse De Argos where after a quiet start we managed ten and a half kilos of Carp between us. Mark and Julie joined us for a while after visiting the Spa at Archena. Mark is a professional golfer and after letting him do some casting on their last visit back in October last year we thought it safer for the environment to leave him with the ladies for the days.

Thursday and another early start as we headed off to Hondon Trucha picking Peter Hampshire up on route for some fly fishing and spinning. James had bought a new baitcaster and was eager to try it out. Jan Keijsers was as helpful as ever and sorted James out while Peter and I pursued the Trout using every fly we could lay our hands on. In the end we used the same method as James and caught lots! A barbeque Thursday evening and joining our holidaying guests were our old friends, out from the UK for a break also, top rally co driver Craig Thorley and his wife Pam. The Trout were enjoyed by us all. I always think fish tastes better when you have caught it yourself. Friday and we were off kayak fishing again catching Wrasse and many other weird and wonderful Mediterranean species. Suddenly it was Saturday and I treated James and Mark to a morning at Hondon Trucha as I had overheard James telling his father how he would enjoy a go at Trout fishing. Then back by mid afternoon and off they were whisked to the Airport for the journey home. Tired…….a little!!!
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