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Over the last couple of weeks I have featured angling at Embalse De Alfonso XIII. After a very helpful phone call off Norman Scotting from the Carp-R-Us angling club I must point out a few things regarding not only Alfonso XIII but all reservoirs, lakes or rivers you fish on. Firstly dates to put in your diary. Fishing at Embalse De Alfonso XIII is not allowed between 1st February and 31st August inclusive. This is strictly enforced so please remember to make a note of this. Signs are situated all around the fishing areas on the lake so there is really no excuse.

Another thing is that licences are checked regularly even though you may be in the middle of nowhere. If you do not have a licence for the Region you are fishing in then at the extreme you could have your fishing tackle and even your vehicle confiscated until the matter is sorted out. It is much cheaper to get a licence. I am not scaremongering here. It is just a fact that we are living and fishing in Spain. You are required by law to have a licence for the freshwater you are fishing in the Region you are fishing. I know it probably means having three licences if you are a keen angler but we cannot blame anyone after the event apart from ourselves if we do not conform to this and get caught. After all most licences cost less for a year than the bait we cast out into the water every session. When you are fishing in the wilds, way off the main tarmac road, it may be useful to know that if your vehicle breaks down the recovery companies here are very reluctant to travel down a rough track to the waters edge to collect your car. If you are going to a remote location then it maybe best to take a friend along so you have two vehicles on site. Although towing is not allowed in Spain it would be useful to have a tow rope in one of the vehicles so the broken-down vehicle can be at least towed back to the main road for collection or repair. Another advantage of having a fishing partner with you is if you do breakdown and have to walk back to the main road to wait for recovery then someone is back with the car watching over your pride and joy…… not the car your fishing tackle! There have been cases, thankfully few and far between where tackle has been stolen whilst people have left their cars to seek assistance.

The last thing I want to mention this time is litter. It is very annoying to turn up for a fantastic days angling to find discarded sweet corn tins, broken beer bottles and plastic bags strewn around the place you wanted to be. The concern here is not just the inconvenience of having to clear someone else’s mess up but the very dangerous risk of disease. Although very rare Leptospirosis or Weils disease as it is known is something I have experienced and believe you me it is a frightening and life threatening illness. It is spread through rat urine and when litter is left lying around it is inevitable that some vermin will find it. The water washes over the litter and the water can be carrying the disease. Also if you touch the litter to tidy up without suitable protective gloves on the risk is high. So clear up and take your litter home this then may encourage others to do the same.

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