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On a recent trip back to the UK I picked up some new bait products to try. Produced by Dynamite Baits of Cotgrave in Nottinghamshire, they are some of the best boilies and additives I have come across. Experts in freshwater fishing baits their range now includes the Big Carp Range for all you carp addicts out there. High attractant baits are what we need here when fishing the vast expanses of water present in our regions.
The team at Dynamite Baits have been working with fish biologists and food nutritionists developing environmentally friendly baits which increase the water soluble attractants and enhance the nutrition found in both traditionally effective baits and innovative ingredients. They have found a way to create more powerful baits that fish go crazy for, not just because they have more powerful water soluble attractants but because they keep fish feeding strongly in the swim without competing with your hookbait. Dynamite Baits are committed to looking after the future of the sport and that means the safety and health of the fish which will ensure the future of our wonderful sport for generations to come. After all little thought is sometimes given to what we are throwing in the waters of the world just in the name of catching fish. We know some food sources are indigestible by some species so it is good news to hear of a company putting the environment first.

The High Energy Marine Pellets come in varying sizes and I have used them to good effect. The smell is powerful to say the least, not something to leave opened in the car overnight!! The Frank Warwick Boosted Fluro Pop Ups come packaged in a jar, very handy for storage purposes. Since their launch these Single High Attract hook baits have started a revolution in specimen carp fishing. This brilliant range of Fluro Pop-Ups have been created exclusively for Dynamite by Frank Warwick. Available in six Fluro colours and flavours, each tub contains Frank Warwick's unique 'Booster' bottle, re-hydrating the Pop-Ups, making them ultra effective. Another great product is The Liquid Source Food attractant which compliments base mix ingredients and triggers the fish into feeding. With various uses, simply add to a base mix for perfect boilies or paste. Use as a soak or glug for boilies, freezer baits and pop-ups. Superb liquid attractant when added to any method mix or groundbait. I have been soaking sweetcorn in this for a day in a sealed bag before going float fishing, a little groundbaiting with the catapult and a couple of pieces on the hook and bingo!

The range also includes such wonderfully named products as Frenzied Hemp Seed and Frenzied Monster Tiger Nuts. Stockists in Britain are plentiful and Dynamite Baits are moving into Europe so hopefully soon we will be able to purchase them locally. Their website is www.dynamitebaits.com They are very helpful and informative, meanwhile I am going back to the UK to stock up with plenty of supplies for our new angling holiday business!!
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