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Throwing sticks, spod rockets, method feeders, PVA, bait boats……… last time we looked at spod rockets and PVA bags. This time we will start off with PVA string. The same soluble principles apply for the string as the bags. It dissolves when it comes into contact with water. So a popular use for this string is a PVA stringer, when using a hair rig for carp the hook is separate to your boilie bait on the hair. By threading three or four boilies onto some PVA string and using either a boilie stop as per your hair or even a piece of grass or twig to stop them falling off on casting, you can then tie the string to your hook. Once again you will have several items of bait presented next to your hookbait.

The method feeder is either a wire cage or of a weighted triangular construction enabling compacted groundbait to be squeezed around it which again will deposit a decent size pile of feed around your hookbait. For distance, ideally the feeder should be of inline design so the line passes through the centre and then a bead up to a swivel which your hook length is attached to. You need to mix some groundbait up in a bucket until it is of a fairly dry consistency. Then take a handful and mould it around the feeder until it is of a similar shape to a rugby ball. Your hook is now around twenty centimetres away from the feeder so after casting out to your chosen spot leave the rig for a while and then reel in a little to place your hookbait amongst the feeder bait which by now should have fallen off the feeder. Remember also to use the correct specification rod and line with a shock leader for this type of work as you will be loading the whole outfit up when casting. Other methods of introducing bait to the water are the good old catapult and throwing sticks. The catapult comes in various different classes to distribute varying weights over varying distances. Make sure you hold a catapult at chest height so if the elastic breaks it does not hit you in the eye.
Considerable distances are achievable with a ball of dry mix groundbait using a catapult and practice definitely makes perfect with this method.
The throwing stick is a hollow tube and has probably been around as long as any other device to propel feed out far into the waters. The throwing stick is hunting tool dating back to Neolithic times. Boilies can, in experienced hands, be launched to distances of one hundred metres or more using this method. A simple curved hollow tube delivers the bait at high speed then you need to cast to the same spot with your hookbait…………not easy even if using a marker float.

The last and the most modern method of groundbaiting available we are going to cover is the Bait Boat. Cheating or not cheating……….. Make your own mind up. If you have around eight hundred euros spare then a radio controlled boat, some of which are capable of carrying up to two kilos of groundbait, can accurately deposit its load through an opening hatch exactly where you want it. Just load up the hold with your chosen mix or boilies and send it off to drop its cargo. Some anglers use these to devastating effect on lakes where big carp are lurking. Personally I rather use more basic methods to catch fish, I think it is more of a challenge and that is what fishing is all about to me. But there again maybe I am just being old fashioned!

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